- I knew I was over you the day I cried in sujood and your thoughts weren’t the ones that plagued my mind.I knew I was over you when I didn’t feel the need to utter your name in my duas, I knew I was over you when I prayed for happiness, for my friends and for myself, and didn’t connect my happiness with yours. I knew I was over you, when I stopped asking God for you, for us. I knew I was over you…




My friend & I are deciding to giveaway the merch we no longer want.

It’s going to work this way: We’re going to pick 5 winners and then message them in the order picked so they can choose what they want out of what you see in the pictures.


The Rules to win are simple:

- You must be following me & my friend.

- Reblog to be entered to win.

- Likes don’t count for anything.

- The more you reblog the better your chances of being picked.

- If you are picked and aren’t following either one of us we will pick someone else in your place.

Winners will be picked on April 15th.

We will post who the winners are that afternoon.

What you can win:

- The Devil Wears Prada: Purple Plague Shirt, Long Sleeve Baseball Shirt, Green & Pink Logo Shirt.

- Escape The Fate: Medusa Tee & Zombie Band Members Tee

- Avenged Sevenfold: Graffiti Logo Tee & ALL OVER Bat Tee.

- Paramore: Leaking Robot Tee

- All Time Low: Little Monster Tee

- Suicide Silence: Horned Skulls Tee

- Owl City: Owl Tee

- We Came As Romans: Wizard Tee

- Asking Alexandria: Reckless and Relentless CD

- Woe, Is Me Wristband

All shirts are a mix of Medium, Large, and XL.

Any questions? Message one of us and we’ll answer.

Good luck. :)



Okay, I cleaned out my room over the weekend and found merch I don’t wear, doesn’t fit me, or I have double. So I decided to give it away. Everything is still in great condition!

Must be following me (lucklovesme-not.tumblr.com) [I will be checking]
Reblog as many times as you want.
Likes count.
No giveaway blogs.
I will ship only in the Continental United States. (Sorry!)

I will be using
www.random.org to pick the winner.
The winner will have 24 hours to respond, or I’ll pick a new winner.

The winner will be chosen on June 25th.
Must reach 50k notes.

What I’m giving away:

All Time Low Unicorn shirt (size small, I believe)
All Time Low gray skull shirt (size x-small, fits bigger)
All Time Low Valentine’s shirt (size women’s small, fits tight)
All Time Low long sleeve shirt (size small, fits bigger)
All Time Low beanie
All Time Low yellow brick shirt (size women’s small, fits tight)
Like Moths To Flames shirt (size small)
We Are The In Crowd shirt (size small, signed)
Glamour Kills Originality Is Dead shirt (size girls medium, fits bigger)
Pierce The Veil Dinosaur shirt (size small)
Blink-182 shirt (size small)
The Ready Set I’ve Got A Love Like Woe lyric shirt (size small, signed)
Pierce The Veil monster/ghost shirt (?) (size small)
Chelsea Grin We Are The Fucking Cured Ones lyric crewneck (size small)
Breathe Carolina Monkey Ball shirt (size small, fits bigger)
Falling In Reverse tongue shirt (size medium)
Breathe Carolina pinball machine shirt (size small)
Set It Off Horrible Kids CD
Never Shout Never What Is Love? CD
Forever The Sickest Kids green rubber wrist band

The WATIC shirt went though the wash once, so the signatures are faded, but barely.


i’m having a HUGE band shirt giveaway. i went through my closet & pilled up all the band shirts i don’t even wear/like anymore. i have like 30+ other band shirts that i’m keeping but most of these are 2+ years old & can’t really be bought anymore. i’ll ship anywhere & the winner will randomly be chosen & messaged privately. you have until JUNE 15, 2013 TO REBLOG! good luck. ~



THE MERCH: (they are from size s-l in mens. it varies with each shirt)

  • the devil wears prada shirt
  • brokeNCYDE shirt
  • attack attack  shirts - x2
  • bring me the horizon shirts - x4
  • avenged sevenfold shirts - x2
  • bullet for my valentine hoodie
  • hollywood undead shirt
  • like moths to flames shirt
  • marilyn manson shirt
  • suicide silence shirt (RIP MITCH LUCKER♥♥)
  • flyleaf shirt
  • system of a down shirt
  • a day to remember shirt
  • a skylit drive shirt
  • chelsea grin shirt

please note that there are 3 drop dead shirts in these pictures. they are NOT a part of the giveaway, i decided i want to keep them. sorry.

any questions? just message me.


HEEEEY GUISE. well this is another giveaway.  and this is some stuff alice and i don’t want. s: anyways here are the rules.  must be following :http://sofiaamarie-asshby.tumblr.com/ likes count.  reblog as many times as you want. it does help your chances of winnings  ill be using this app to pick three winners. s:  1st Place - 18 items out of a total of 54. 2nd Place - 18 items out of 36 3rd Place - 18 items out of 18. (well what ever is left) s: 1. Huge Chewbaca Figure. 2. Suicide Silence Lanyard. 3. Piece The Veil Wristband 4. Bring Me The Horizon Wristband. 5. Cassadee Pope Solo Tour Wristband. (White) 6. Cassadee Pope Solo Tour Wristband. (Purple) 7. Keep A Breast Wristband ( Blue/Glow In The Dark.) 8. Keep A Breast Wristband ( White) 9. Keep A Breast Wristband (Blue & White) 10. Finn Wristband. 11. Jake Wristband. 12. TWLOHA Wristband. 13. Hunger Games Wristband. 14. Keep Calm and Kill Zombies Wristband. 15. Neff Wristband. -CDS- 16. Mayday Parade - Self Titled  17. All Time Low - Dont Panic 18. All Time Low - Dirty Work 19. Lights - Siberia 20. Bring Me The Horizon - Sempiternal 21. Of Mice & Men - Self Titled 22. Sleeping With Sirens - Let’s Cheer To this 23. Pop Goes Punk - Volume 5. 24. Pop Goes Punk - Volume 3. -Shirts & Sweaters- 25. Of Mice & Men. - Keys [M] 26. Pierce The Veil. - Group [S] 27. Man Overboard.- Defend [M] 28. The Devil Wears Prada. -Rat [S] 29. All Time Low. - Fun Paste [XS] 30. Sleeping with Sirens - Anchor. [M] 31. Paramore - Anchor [S] 32. Paramore - Two Worlds [M] 33. Sleeping With Sirens - Guns [M] 34. All Time Low - Stage [M] 36. Blink - 182 - Spray Paint [S] 37. Fall Out Boy - Retro [M] 38. Memphis May Fire - Group [S] 39. Suicide Silence - Pink Logo [S] 40. Asking Alexandria - Skull [S] 41. Ramones  42. Bring Me The Horizon - Bat [S] 44. A Day To Remember - Homesick [M] 45. Star Wars - Long sleeve [S] 46. Mitch Lucker Memoriam [M]  47. Zelda - Triforce [S] 48. GLMR KLLS - Long Sleeve [S] 49. The Maine - Tank/ “M” Logo [S] 50. Hey Monday - Dont Dance [XS] 51.The Word Alive - Logo [S] 52. August Burns Red. - ABR LOGO [S] 53. ORIGINALITY IS DEAD/ GLMR KLLS - Sweater [M] 54. Dream As If You Will Live Forever/GLMR KLLS - Sweater [M] ——- i will ship anywhere. c: this ends June 20th 2013. i will announce and message the three winners. if i get no response in three days i will choose another one. k good luck cx

and even if the cracks did fill
and the bruises did fade
this aching in my chest
would always be a reminder
that you did love me once before
Her eyes were the color of faraway love.
Pablo Neruda (via perfect)
If someone wants to be a part of your life they’ll make an effort to be in it so don’t bother reserving a space in your heart for someone who doesn’t make an effort to stay.
Unknown (via perfect, pulsinglight) (via oohrecklessabandon)